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Sakshi Chopra spotted in a very bo*ld dress, the cut will be seen in such a place in the dress

New Delhi: Sakshi Chopra, the great-granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, always remains in limelight because of her clothes. Recently, she was seen on the street of Mumbai in such clothes that people’s eyes were fixed on the cut on the clothes more than her style.

Yellow outfit

In the latest pictures, Sakshi Chopra was seen in a yellow outfit. In the pictures, Sakshi is wearing a log skirt with a bralette. In which there was a cut in such a place that the eyes of the fans would get stuck on the cut on the dress.

Spot on the road

In the pictures that surfaced, Sakshi was seen on the streets of Mumbai getting down from the car.

Sakshi turned bo*ld

Sakshi has done subtle makeup and open hair with high heels to complete her look.

Are too bo*ld

Seeing these pictures of Sakshi, you will also say that she is too bo*ld. The special thing is that as soon as Sakshi saw the camera, she started giving more than one pose.

Fans like every look

Sakshi is also very active on social media. Fans also keep praising Sakshi’s looks and pictures.



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