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Sakshi Chopra took a bo*ld selfie by opening the button of the coat, see the picture

A new photo of Ramanand Sagar’s great-granddaughter Sakshi Chopra is going viral, in which fans have become crazy after seeing her bo*ld style. This photo of her is being fiercely liked and shared.

New Delhi: Sakshi Chopra, the great-granddaughter of famous filmmaker Ramanand Sagar, lives in limelight for one reason or the other. Her pictures and videos keep making headlines on social media. Now a new photo of Sakshi has come out in which her bo*ld style is clearly visible. This picture of her has raised the mercury of the internet.

Selfie taken by opening coat buttons

In the photo, Sakshi is seen in a black bralette. She is wearing a coat over a bralette whose buttons are open. Seeing this style of her, the fans have become crazy. She took a selfie in this look and shared it on her Instagram account, which is becoming fiercely viral. Sakshi Chopra’s style is being seen in the photo. Fans are praising Sakshi’s bo*ld look in the comment section.

A post shared by Sakshi Chopra (@sakshichopraa)

Pictures go viral on the internet

Sakshi Chopra remains very active on social media. She shares her hot pictures and videos every day. From bi*ki*ni pictures of Sakshi to sizzling photoshoots also go viral. Talking about popularity, she has more than 5 lakh followers. In the matter of hotness, Sakshi beats the beauties of Bollywood.

A post shared by Sakshi Chopra (@sakshichopraa)

Know who is Sakshi Chopra?

Sakshi Chopra is the daughter of TV producer Meenakshi Sagar, who is Ramanand Sagar’s granddaughter. Apart from being a model, she is also a singer and songwriter. Sakshi studied at Trinity School of London and then did a filmmaking course from The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in California.



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