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Salman Khan’s lookalike made a splash on social media, when he entered in Dabang style, the fans said – ‘Yeh toh bhai ki copy hai’

This person seen in the video is a lookalike of Salman Khan, anyone can be deceived by seeing it for the first time.

New Delhi: Salman Khan is called the superstar of Bollywood. He has given more than one hit films. Fans wait for the release of his films and most of the films are hits. Fans copy his style and dialogues. The dialogues, songs and dance moves of Salman Khan’s films remain in people’s mind for a long time. Some such videos of Salman Khan are going viral, in which Salman Khan is seen lipping and doing dance moves on Salman’s hit films and songs. Fans are also enjoying it a lot.

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Although the person seen in the video looks like Salman Khan, but it is not Salman Khan, but a lookalike of him. After seeing it for the first time, seeing its look and style, one can deceive that it is Salman Khan, but in reality it is Salman’s lookalike. There is a page of this man on Instagram by the name of Junior Salman Khan, which has more than 14 thousand followers.

A post shared by issac Sutari 🔵 (@jr.salmanissac101)

This lookalike of Salman is also seen dancing on Salman’s hit film Dabangg. His look and moves are exactly like Salman. His social media profile shows that he is specially invited to weddings and functions and he performs on Salman Khan’s hit banners.




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