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SBI Alert! 8 lakh rupees withdrawn from the bank account, after downloading SBI YONO app, Check alert immediately

In the last few years, a new way of cheating people has come to the fore. Recently a new case of fraud has come up with a customer of SBI Bank. In which a mistake was so heavy for the SBI customer that 8 lakh rupees flew out of his account.

In the last few years, a new way of cheating people has come to the fore. Internet is a part of our everyday life. Whether it is about payment or searching, the internet is becoming the backbone of all services. Even many of our works, for which once had to go to office and bank.

Now going online in just a few clicks. Scammers are taking advantage of this dependence of people. Scammers are cheating people online in various ways.

Something similar happened with a person, from whom fraudsters have cheated 8 lakh rupees. However, the user got back the transaction of more than 6 lakhs by reaching the bank at the right time and contacting the police. Let’s know the whole matter.

How did the scammers trap the user?

Pawan Kumar Soni, a 55 years old farmer, lives in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. His son Harsh Vardhan lives in Dwarka, Delhi. According to reports, Harsh’s mobile number is linked to his father’s account, due to which SMS related to the bank keep coming on his phone.

On January 7, an SMS came with KYC update, which also had a link. When Harsh clicked on that link, an app named SBI YONO was downloaded in his phone.

The user already had the SBI YONO app on his phone, but he thought it was a new app. After this he entered his details for KYC update. The user also entered his login credentials in the fake YONO app.

The user showed speed, so many lakhs were saved-

Within just 7 minutes, back-to-back transactions were done from the user’s account. In continuous transactions, an amount of more than Rs 8 lakh was deducted from the user’s account. As soon as he came to know about this, the user informed his father about this and asked him to go to the bank and hold the transactions.

At the same time, Harsh himself lodged a complaint with the District Cyber Cell, Dwarka. Whereas Harsh’s father contacted the bank. The bank manager informed the local cyber cell about this entire matter.

The manager told that transactions have taken place in three different banks from his account. With the help of cyber cell and bank, the victim got Rs 6.24 lakh back, but he did not get back about two lakh rupees.

Don’t do this mistake-

Scammers sometimes use this trick to trap people in their trap. If you also receive such an unknown SMS, do not click on the link present in it.

Always use the trusted source – Google Play Store or Apple App Store – to download an app. Apart from this, always be careful while sharing your credentials.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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