SBI Alert! Do not forget to use these apps also, otherwise the account will be balance 0


State Bank of India has issued a new notification and has alerted all its customers. Under this, the bank told about two such apps which are absolutely safe for online transactions.

New Delhi: Due to the second wave of Coronavirus, once again people have shifted from cash money to plastic money, which is as safe as it is risky. In such a situation, the State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a new notification to protect its customers from any kind of online fraud, which you need to know about.

SBI said this by tweeting

The bank tweeted, ‘We request our customers not to share information about their banking details with anyone nor allow anyone to access their bank account through phone or computer. stay alert. Be safe If you want to transfer an emergency fund, you can use our digital banking apps like Yono and BHIM services at home.

Increase in bank fraud cases

Actually, in the Corona period, the cases of bank fraud have increased. Fake money transfer app and fake bank officials are making calls by adopting new methods for cheating people. In view of this, SBI has asked its customers to beware of fake calls through SMS, e-mail and social media.

In this way, people were caught in the web of fraud

While sharing the video, the bank said, these thugs today try to access their smartphones through the Quick View app in addition to soliciting KYC documents from customers. If a customer gets caught in this trap, then they steal all sensitive and private information from their smartphone in the name of KYC. It contains all the necessary information including the account id, password of the customer.

Keep these things in mind to avoid fraud

You just have to be careful to avoid fraud. If you also get such a call, then do not get into the trap of these fraudsters and block that number to cut the call. Also, you should take care not to give quci control of your phone, computer or laptop to any unknown person. Do not exchange your personal information with anyone.

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