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SBI Alert: Do this work immediately, otherwise your account will be frozen

If you have a bank account with the country’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) and you use online banking, then this news is very important for you. SBI YONO has come up with some strict rules, which customers will have to follow from now on. Let us tell you that there has been a lot of boom in online and net banking transactions since the corona epidemic. But at the same time, cases related to fraud are also big. Many banks including SBI have brought new rules to keep their customers safe. The accounts of those who do not follow the new rules of SBI will actually be frozen. Know further complete details.

know what to do

Before logging into the YONO app, SBI account holders need to note that they will be able to log in only if they are using the mobile phone number registered with the bank. SBI will not allow YONO account holders to perform any transaction when they try to log in with any other number.

What did the bank say

SBI has informed through a tweet that SBI is enhancing its security features for secure banking with YONO SBI. The bank has said that the new upgrade will allow access to YONO SBI only from a phone that has a mobile number registered with the bank. That is, your mobile number should be registered with the bank.

Mess with customers

This decision of SBI has been taken in view of several frauds of customers through SBI YONO app. Fraudsters use a method to obtain usernames, passwords and other personal bank details of customers and then they operate the account using a mobile phone. To prevent this, a new rule has been implemented to give access to SBI YONO account. If users log in with their registered mobile phone, the chances of money loss are greatly reduced.

Salary will be given in advance

Anyone can need money at any time of emergency. So in case of emergency you can arrange money, you should have such options. SBI salary account is one such option. You can take your 2 months salary as advance from the bank. You will get this money in the form of overdraft. But keep in mind that this facility is available only on certain accounts.

Know the other benefits

There are many benefits of having a salary account in SBI. Of these, the zero balance account is the most important benefit. That is, you do not need to keep a single rupee in the account. You can do free unlimited transactions at any bank’s ATM. You will get up to 25% off on locker charges. Apart from free draft and SMS alerts, you will get free online NEFT/RTGS facility.



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