SBI ATM Franchise: You can also earn Rs 60,000 per month by taking a franchise of SBI ATM, know how to apply

No bank in the country ever installs an ATM on its behalf. For this he uses the franchisee only.

SBI ATM Franchise business: If your income has decreased during the Corona period and you want to start a business from the side to increase your earnings, then the country’s largest lender bank SBI is giving a big opportunity. You can seize that opportunity and earn up to Rs.60,000 at least every month. Let us tell you that you can increase your income by taking the franchise of SBI ATM.

Actually, no bank in the country ever installs an ATM on its behalf. For this he uses the franchisee only. Franchise to install bank ATM was earlier given to big companies, but now common man can also take franchise of ATM in his premises and can increase his income.

What are the conditions?

  1. If you want to take the franchise of SBI ATM, then the bank has fixed some conditions for this.
  2. For this you should have 50-80 square feet of space.
  3. The distance of the new ATM from the old ATM should be at least 100 meters.
  4. This place should be such, where people can see from afar.
  5. The power supply should be 24 hours.
  6. Apart from this, one kilowatt electricity connection will have to be maintained.
  7. The new ATM should have a capacity of 300 transactions per day.
  8. The ceiling should be cemented at the ATM location.
  9. Along with this, there should be no objection certificate from the society or authority for installing V-SAT.

What documents will be required?

  1. To take the franchise of SBI ATM, you must have Aadhar card, PAN card and voter ID for ID proof.
  2. Along with this, it is necessary to have a ration card or electricity bill for address proof.
  3. Bank account and passbook are also necessary.
  4. Photograph, e-mail id, phone number will also have to be kept.
  5. The most important thing is that you will also need the GST i.e. Goods and Service Tax number.

How to apply?

  1. Some companies provide franchisees of SBI ATMs.
  2. You can apply for ATM Franchisee by visiting the official website of the companies.
  3. Tata Indicash, Muthoot ATM and India One ATM have contracts to install ATMs in India.
  4. For this, you can apply for your ATM by logging on to the websites of all these companies online.
  5. What is official website
    Tata Indicash :
  6. Muthoot ATM :
  7. India One ATM :

How much will it cost?

Tata Indicash is the largest and oldest company among the companies offering ATM franchises. In this, the franchisee gets it on paying 2 lakh security deposit, which is refundable. Apart from this, Rs 3 lakh will have to be deposited as working capital. In this way a total expenditure of Rs 5 lakh will have to be made.

Pravesh Kumar is associated with Informalnewz since last 5 years and head content department. He has done bcom in finance and loves writing.

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