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SBI Credit Card: If the credit card is stolen or lost, then get it blocked immediately with these methods in minutes

When credit card users lose their credit cards, a lot of trouble arises. In such a situation, we are telling you about those options, with the help of which you can get the credit card blocked.

New Delhi: If you SBI The SBI credit card if you’re using (SBI Credit Card) facility, this news is very useful for you. Here you will be able to know how SBI’s credit card can be blocked because many times the chances of misusing the credit card increase manifold if the card is lost or cyber fraud occurs. In such a situation, every second is very valuable because it takes only a few minutes for a transaction to be completed and you can also lose millions in that time. That’s why you should know about the features of a credit card as well as the right way to block it at the time of need.Also Read:APY: Here you can get ₹ 5000 every month by depositing just 7 rupees, know what is the scheme

So know what is the right way to block SBI credit card-

You can block by sending SMS

SBI credit card users can also get their credit card blocked through SMS. For this, the customer has to send an SMS from his registered mobile number to 5676791 number on BLOCKXXXX (last four numbers of SBI credit card), after which SBI credit card will be blocked.Also Read:PF withdrawal rules: subscribers lose up to rs 35 lakhs on retirement, you must know this

You can call the helpline number

Many a times, in the event of Sunday, you are unable to get the credit card blocked by going to the bank and SMS facility is not working, then in this situation call on the SBI credit card helpline number 39020202 (after adding STD CODE) should do. The card can also be blocked by following the instructions given after that. Along with this, the card can also be blocked by dialing the number 1860 180 1290.Also Read:Save Rs 34 per day and get rs 26 lakh, know how should you invest in ppf

Enter request on YONO APP

Credit card can also be blocked from SBI’s YONO banking app. For this, you should go to the customer help of YONO Banking. From there you can block the credit card. With the help of YONO, you can also get the credit card blocked and reissued.

Net banking will work

Nowadays, most of the work people do with the help of online banking. In such a situation, SBI credit card can also be blocked with the help of internet banking. For this you have to follow the steps given below.Also Read:Know how to apply for voter id card online before UP vidhansabha chunav

Step 1 – Log in to your account by visiting the SBI credit card website- sbicard.com .

Step 2 – After that go to ‘Request Tab’ and select REPORT LOST/STOLEN CARD.

Step 3 – After that click on Card Number to report the lost card.

Step 4 – After that select Reissue Card and submit.

Step 5 – After this your SBI credit card will be blocked.

1. Visit the branch of the bank

If there is a possibility of misuse of the credit card or in case of loss of the card, you can go to any SBI branch and get the credit card blocked by talking to the manager there. The manager in the bank will ask you some details related to the credit card account like date of birth, registered mobile number, correct name and address. After giving correct information, the manager will block the card.

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