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SBI Customers Good News: SBI brought good news for its millions of customers, now this work will be done from home, relief from going to bank

SBI nominee registration process: State Bank of India has made the process of nominee registration easy and online. This will benefit millions of customers of the bank.

This is good news for crores of customers of State Bank of India. SBI tweeted that there is no need to panic if there is no SBI nominee registration in your account. This work can now be done online at home. Apart from this, this facility is also available in every SBI branch. According to the tweet, if you have a savings or current account (fixed or recurring deposit) in the State Bank of India, then the nominee sitting at home can be registered.

The facility of nominee registration is provided in both Net Banking and YONO App. If you have not registered the nominee or want to get it updated, then get this work done as soon as possible. If the account holder dies suddenly, the nominee has full rights to claim on that account. Therefore, it is important that everyone should fill the nominee details in their account or FD carefully and update it on time if needed. If there is a single account, nominee registration and updation work can be done online. If you have a joint account, it is necessary to go to SBI branch.

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How to update nominee through net banking?
If you use net banking then first SBI website will go on. After opening the page, click on Request and Inquiry option. After that many options will open in front of you, from which to choose the option of online nomination. If you have more than one account in SBI, then those details will be revealed. After selecting the right option, the details of the nominee are to be filled. After the process is complete, OTP will come on the registered mobile number. The nominee’s name will be added after the OTP verification.

How to update nominee from SBI app?
First you have to login to the YONO LITE SBI app. Clicking on the home button, select the service request option. On clicking on the service request, the option of online nomination has been given on the page which will open. Clicking here, select the account details and update the complete information of the nominee. Here, information about relationship with the nominee is also sought. If there is already a nominee and it has to be updated, then the first nominee has to be canceled through the cancellation nomination, after which the complete information of the new nominee will have to be filled.



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