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SBI Yono Personal Loan: Good News! SBI is giving personal loan up to Rs 8 lakh from mobile without paperwork, know how

SBI Yono Pre Approved Personal Loans – If you are a customer of SBI, then a very good information has come out from the bank for you. Right now SBI is giving personal loan up to Rs.8 lakh to its customers through Papl Loan. If you are a customer of SBI, then you can apply for this loan from mobile itself. So let’s know, how you can take this loan.

Getting personal loan up to Rs 8 lakh without paper work

Whenever we talk about taking a loan, a lot of confusion comes in our mind. Like what documents will be required for the loan! And where and how to apply for a loan! But there is a good news for SBI customers. Now SBI customers can take Pre Approved Personal Loan up to Rs.8 lakh online without any paperwork.

Will have to pay 12% annual interest –

If you take loan from small finance company. So you have to pay interest ranging from 15 to 20% annually. But instead of SBI’s SBI PAPL (Pre Approved Personal Loan) loan, you will have to pay interest only at the rate of 11 or 12% annually (annual).

Whether you are eligible to take a loan or not, know this way –

Not all SBI customers are getting this loan. If you want to know whether you can take this loan or not, then for this you can send the last 4 number of PAPL + Account to 567676 from the registered number in the bank. As soon as you send this message, you will get a message from the bank and you will be informed. Are you eligible for the loan or not?

How to apply for SBI Yono Papl Loan from mobile –

You can take this loan through SBI Yono app, due to which you have to register on SBI Yono app. If you have not yet registered in SBI Yono app, then you may have to post this (register for Yono SBI app like this!). In this post, we have given you complete information about how to register in the app.

If you are already registered on SBI Yono app, and you want to take this loan, then you can watch the video given below. In the video you have been given complete information, how you can take Pre Approved Personal Loan loan.

Click for more information related to SBI PAPL Loan –

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