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Seeing the photo of Amitabh’s granddaughter, the heart of Meejan Jaffrey beats, this question was asked publicly.

Mumbai. Navya Naveli, granddaughter of Amitabh Bachchan, is active on social media. Navya Naveli has recently published her Instagram profile. Navya has recently shared a photo of her, in which she is seen smiling while sitting in a restaurant. Javed Jafri’s son Meijan Jafri commented on this photo, which is attracting people’s attention. Please tell that Meejan and Navya tell each other good friends. Recently, Meijan had said a lot about Navya in an interview.

In the photo that Navya Naveli has shared, she is seen in a black outfit. Along with this, he is also wearing a silver necklace. Seeing this beautiful photo of Navya, her so called boyfriend Meijan Jaffrey could not stop commenting herself.

Commenting on the photo of Navya, Meijan Jafri said- WOW! I am wondering who took this photo. At the same time, Navya Naveli responded to this comment of Meijan and said – My personal photographer.

Earlier, Navya shared a photo of her, in which she was seen sitting on the terrace. Although Navya did not deliberately show her face in this photo. Commenting on this picture of Navya, Mijan Jafri wrote while commenting- can you show your face? With this comment, Meejan also shared a heart emoji.

Javed Jafri’s son Mizan has often been associated with Navya. During an interview recently, Mijan Jafri spoke openly about the relationship and marriage with Navya.

During the interview, Mizan was asked if you had the choice of whom you would choose from Sarah Ali Khan, Navya Naveli Nanda and Ananya Pandey to kill, marry and hook up? Mizan said that he would like to marry Navya, hook up with Sara Ali Khan and kill Ananya Pandey.

Not only this, in the interview, Mizan also talked about the addition of his name with Navya. Mijan said- Why should I adopt when there is no relationship between us? Friendship also has a relationship. Relationship is not just boyfriend-girlfriend and dating. If we look together at some place, it does not mean that we are dating each other.

Let me tell you that in May 2018, a photo of Navya Naveli and Javed Jaffrey’s son Meijan went viral, in which both of them were seen as having a cozy during a party. Earlier in July 2017, when both returned from a party, Meijan was seen hiding his face in the car. Since then, the discussion of his affair started in the media.

However, later in an interview, Meijan had clarified that we come from the same friend circle. She is my sister’s best friend and my friend too. I am not in a relationship with anyone.

Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda graduated in May 2020 last year. Amitabh himself gave this information to the media and shared this good news with the fans. Amitabh had also told that Navya’s college did not have a convocation due to Corona infection and the celebration was canceled.

Navya’s father Nikhil Nanda is the Managing Director in the Escort Group. Navya loves to play the piano. A few years ago a photo was revealed in which Navya was showing her grandfather, Amitabh Bachchan playing piano.

Navya completed schooling in 2016 from Seven Oaks School, London. Shahrukh’s son Aryan was also in this school. After schooling, he joined Fordham University in New York for higher education.



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