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Seeing the recent bo*ld pictures of Urfi Javed, lightning fell on the hearts of the fans, while the trollers said, oh my god

Urfi Javed Bo*ld photos Urfi Javed has written that people who roam are lost. Many people have reacted to this. One fan has written hot, while one has written beautiful, another has written bo*ld.

Urfi Javed Bo*ld photos: Urfi Javed has shared 2 pictures from her recent photoshoot on Instagram. In this her beautiful back is visible. Nothing is visible except the threads. She is wearing white colored jeans. Urfi Javed’s toned As can be seen in the figure photo, Urfi Javed is making hair with her hands in the first photo, while in the second photo she has made her hair and she is seen walking. In this Urfi Javed’s slim back is visible. She is seen walking in a stylish style.

Urfi Javed’s toned figure can be seen in the photo

Sharing the pictures, Urfi Javed has written, ‘Those who roam, they get lost’. Has written, ‘Bo*ldl’, while many people have also trolled her. One has written, ‘Oh God’, the same one has written, ‘All will die only after destroying India’.

Urfi Javed often shares hot and bo*ld pictures and videos

Urfi Javed is very active on social media. She often shares her hot and bo*ld pictures and videos which go viral very fast. Urfi Javed has 2 million followers on Instagram. Due to this her post becomes very viral very fast. Also, more than 17 thousand likes have been received. At the same time more than 300 comments have been made on this. Urfi Javed often talks to her fans. Due to this her fans are also very excited.

A post shared by Urrfii (@urf7i)

Urfi Javed is trolled for the photo

Urfi Javed is also trolled many times for her photos. Despite this, it has no effect on her and he gives a befitting reply with her bo*ld and hot style. Urfi Javed recently said in an interview that she is a Muslim boy. Giving the reason behind this, she said that Muslim boys are very poor.




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