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Seeing the style of the groom standing, the bride asked on the stage two tables and then …

Often, during the Jaimala, you may have heard many times the news of marriage breakdown due to ruckus and then things have increased, but have you ever heard that the bride has refused to marry just because the groom could not answer her questions? . In fact, the educated bride asked the groom a multiplication of two, but the bridegroom could not hear the two-legged. After this, the hurt bride refused the marriage. Arju kept going for a round of hours, but it did not happen. The matter reached the police station. The procession eventually returned without a bride.

The case is related to Ballayam village of Kharela police station in Mahoba district. Ratiram Ahirwar, who lives here, had decided to marry his daughter Maya with Ramkishun, son of Ranjit Ahirwar, a resident of Dhawar village in Mahobkanth police station. The wedding date was fixed on 30 April and the bridegroom reached the procession. Preparations were going on for Jaymala. When the bride reached the stage, she did not like the style of the groom standing. When the bride suspected that the groom was illiterate, he asked the groom to recite a multiplication of two on the stage itself. After the question of the groom, the bridegroom started looking at his armpits and his pole was opened. Then what was the bride refused to take seven rounds with the uneducated groom.

The decision of the bride stirred there and people from both the sides tried to make a talk but the bride remained adamant. Later, the matter went to the police. The police reconciled the two sides and got the bride side back four lakh rupees spent in the wedding. The bride’s decision was appreciated by the people, but said it should have been known earlier. Station in-charge Vinod Kumar Yadav says that the marriage could not take place due to a dispute between the bride and groom. The two sides later reconciled.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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