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Senior Citizen FD Closed: Senior Citizen Care FD is going to close on 7th November, check complete details here

According to the information given on the website of HDFC Bank, Senior Citizen Care FD is going to close on 7th November. This is the highest interest paying FD of the bank.

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in FD at higher interest, then HDFC Bank is giving you the last opportunity. The bank is going to close its high interest paying Senior Citizen Care FD on November 7, 2023. This information is given on the bank’s website. Let us tell you, Senior Citizen Care FD was started by the bank in May 2020 to give more interest especially to senior citizens during Corona.

How much interest is available on Senior Citizen Care FD?

According to the information given on the bank’s website, senior investors in Senior Citizen Care FD are given an interest of 0.25 percent in addition to the 0.50 percent usually given by the bank. However, this interest is being given on FDs ranging from 5 years to 10 years.

Interest rate on senior citizen FD

At present, the bank is offering 7.75 percent interest on senior citizen FD. Investment in this FD can be made only by Indian citizens. NRI investors cannot invest in this FD.

You can withdraw money before maturity

In this FD, the facility of withdrawing money before maturity is given by the bank to the investors, but the condition is that you can withdraw the money only after the completion of the FD period of five years. With this you will also get 1.25 percent less interest.

Interest on FD for senior citizens in HDFC Bank

  • 7 to 29 days – 3.50 percent
  • 30 to 45 days -4.00 percent
  • 46 to 6 months -5.00 percent
  • 6 months one day to 9 months – 6.25 percent
  • 9 months to less than one year – 6.50 percent
  • One year to less than 15 months – 7.10 percent
  • From 15 months to less than 18 months – 7.60 percent
  • From 18 months to two years Less than 11 months – 7.50 percent
  • More than 2 years 11 months to 35 months – 7.65 percent
  • From 2 years 11 months to less than 4 years 7 months – 7.50 percent
  • 4 years 7 months to 55 months – 7.70 percent
  • 5 years a day -up to 10 years – 7.75 percent
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