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Shamita Shetty’s family got patched up with Raqesh Bapat, will the relationship last?

TV world’s popular couple Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat have caught someone’s eye. That is why the news of fight, quarrel and breakup between the two remains in the discussion. However, amidst speculations of breakup, both have given public appearances. But coming with them does not mean that all is well between the two.

According to reports, Rakesh and Shamita are trying their best to resolve the differences because they love each other a lot. The most important thing is that a person is playing an important role in removing the tension in the love life of both. You would also like to know who this person is, so let’s tell.

According to the report of Bollywood Life, Shamita Shetty’s mother has become cupid between the two. Sunanda Shetty is trying her best to remove the tension between the couple. According to the source, Sunanda is not happy with the constant fighting between Rakesh and Shamita over petty issues.

She is trying her best to tell the couple that their relationship is special. Sunanda likes Rakesh very much personally. She considers her descent. He feels that Rakesh is the perfect life partner for his daughter Shamita Shetty.

Sunanda knows how her daughter Shamita has seen her happiness in Rakesh Bapat. After a long time, Shamita has come in a relationship. That’s why Shamita’s mother is engaged in removing the estrangement between the two.

Sources also say that Sunanda has been able to resolve the differences between the couple to a great extent. This is the reason that the couple has been able to come together despite the constant fights.

You must know that in a recent event, Rakesh and Shamita hit the grand entry hand in hand. ShaRa fans were super happy seeing both of them together. Both are looking very good together. Their chemistry was setting fire.

If sources are to be believed, then the reason for the fight between the two is due to a stubbornness. Shamita wants Rakesh to settle in Mumbai, while Rakesh wants to stay in Pune. It has to be seen how successful this relationship of Rakesh and Shamita, going through the turn of ups and downs, becomes.



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