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Shane Warne Death: Shane Warne dies at the age of 52, why younger people are suffering from heart attack

Shane Warne: Shane Warne, the greatest magician of the wrist, has passed away. Shane Warne was 52 years old. The cricket world is shocked after his sudden demise. Heart attack is said to be the cause of his death. What are the causes of heart attack in young people, we will know about this in the article.

Shane Warne, known as the world’s best spinner, has died of a heart attack. His age was only 52 years. According to the information received so far, he was found unconscious in his villa. When he was taken to the hospital, his death was confirmed. In the last few years, a lot of lives are being lost in young people due to stroke or heart attack.

In simple words, a heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. Fat, cholesterol, etc. can be the reason for stopping the flow of blood. As soon as these come in the way of blood, then the clot gets formed, due to which the blood flow starts blocking. This interrupted blood flow can damage or damage part of the heart muscle.

In today’s time, cases of heart attack are being reported in youth or even in young people. Which could be the reason for this.


According to, smoking is also one of the biggest risk factors for coronary artery disease among young people. The chances of having a heart attack have increased manifold in the youth who smoke. According to various research, smoking increases the risk of heart attack by 8 times.

2. High cholesterol

High level of cholesterol is also a main cause of heart disease. According to research, people with “bad” or LDL cholesterol above 190 mg have an increased risk of heart disease such as heart attack or stroke. So always keep cholesterol under control.

3. Junk food

Most of today’s young generation is preferring to eat junk food instead of home food to satisfy hunger. Instead of protein, fiber-rich foods in their plate, junk and fried things are more, due to which a lot of calories go to the body, which has an effect on heart health.

4. Depression

Depression affects not only the mind but the entire body. Depression releases stress hormones and thereby adversely affects the arteries and causes them to shrink. According to Dr Ghazala Parveen, of Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, depression has a significant impact on lifestyle and causes heart-related diseases.

5. High blood pressure and obesity

Obese individuals require more blood to supply oxygen and nutrients to their body, which increases blood pressure. The body also needs more pressure to circulate this blood. Hence high blood pressure is also a common cause of heart attack, which is sad for obese people.

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