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Shark Tank India: Namita Thapar invests Rs 10 crore on contestants, reveals her biggest regret

Namita Thapar, the judge of TV’s most popular and discussed show ‘Shark Tank India’, invested 10 crores (Namita Thapar Invest 10 Crore). He revealed in her article that during the show he saw 170 business ideas and invested in 25 of them. Along with this, he also told that he regretted a lot for not investing in one place.

Namita Thapar, Executive Director, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, while judging Shark Tank India, spoke about the contestants’ investment on the idea and the regrets they felt after the show ended. She told in one of her articles how opportunities were lost in her hands and how weak she had become as a business leader and she was regretting it.

Namita Thapar Invest 10 Crore revealed that she evaluated 170 business ideas in the first season of ‘Shark Tank India’ and invested Rs 10 crore in 25 businesses. He wrote, “I saw around 170 business ideas and invested 10 crores in 25 companies which touched my heart. I invested Rs 7 crore during the show.”

Namita later invested Rs 3 crore

Namita Thapar Invest 3 Crore further wrote, “I invested Rs 3 crore after the show in the deals that I left during the show as I was thinking of increasing my stake in some existing business ideas. ” In an article published on YourStory, he talked about her ‘biggest regret’ about not supporting certain business ideas.

People do not get the right mentorship

Namita Thapar further wrote, “As future leaders, we need to not only champion founders who can set the scale and make money for us, but also those who need the right mentorship. Has tremendous potential and is working on a real problem. But they do not have the right mentorship to gain traction in their business.”

Namita Thapar invests in Agro Tourism

Namita further writes, “Both Jugadu Kamlesh and Pandurang of Agro Tourism were Maharashtrian farmers who set out to solve genuine problems, but could not sell due to lack of right guidance. In such a situation, leaders like me need to be bold, support such founders and ensure that they become successful so that entrepreneurship becomes a dream not only of people with right education and resources but also of common man.”

Namita Thapar’s biggest regret

Namita Thapar Regret wrote, “This is one of our main responsibilities, because business leaders who have got power and privileges, who are seen by people… and not to invest in Kamlesh and Pandurang’s business idea in Shark Tank I have the biggest regret in India.”



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