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Shilpa Shetty’s daughter got down from the black gleaming car wearing mother’s matching clothes, took heart more stubborn than style

It cannot be denied that even after being 40 plus, Shilpa Shetty is not only amazingly beautiful but one cannot even guess her age by looking at her fit figure. However, now it seems that her daughter Samisha is also going to go completely on her in this matter.

This is because like an actress, not only does Samisha know how to please the media, but seeing her cuteness, it can be said that this girl is going to grow up to be amazing. Not only this, but a similar look of Shilpa’s Ladli has come to the fore again, where she won everyone’s heart by wearing clothes matching her mother.

Went on holiday with mother

Actually, Shilpa Shetty was spotted with her family at the Mumbai airport. During this, the actress was wearing very comfortable clothes for traveling, in which the point of most attraction was her daughter, who also wore clothes matching her mother.

Mother and daughter were in the pink co-ord set

For their runway look, Shilpa-Samisha wore a pink co-ord set in which the tie-dye print could be seen. The cool outfit featured a round neck sweatshirt, with which the joggers looked quite stylish while complementing the legs.

Match white sneakers

Not only did Shilpa-Samisha’s outfits, but they also kept their styling the same. During this, the mother-daughter duo had matched sneakers of white color, which looked very good.

Cute clip in daughter’s hair

To give her daughter cute and girly vibes, Shilpa Shetty wore her diamond earrings with which she attached a white clip to Samisha’s hair.

Got caught insisting on climbing into the dock

There is no doubt that Samisha looked very smart in matching outfits with her mother’s clothes. However, during this time everyone’s heart came on her stubbornness. Actually, as soon as Samisha got down from the car, she caught the insistence of climbing on her mother’s lap, which was captured by the paparazzi in her camera.



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