Shoaib Akhtar : ‘There are pits of owls that talk about this type,’ Shoaib Akhtar furious at Mohammed Siraj’s racist comment

Shoaib Akhtar furious at Mohammed Siraj's racist comment
Shoaib Akhtar furious at Mohammed Siraj's racist comment

Shoaib Akhtar said that because of the Islamic phobia that had taken place since the 9/11 incident in 2001, and the international media projected it so much that it caused 1.6 billion Muslims to become terrorists because of 60 people.

The racist remarks at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia with Indian players are being criticized all over the world. Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is also raging the case. He said on his YouTube channel, ‘Racism has been happening, will happen, people will not understand. There are a lot of booby people who talk about this type. But racism is not acceptable in any case.

Akhtar said, ‘I am talking on Mohammad Siraj. Voices were tightened on them. They were given different types of names. He was called with dirty tongue. Let me tell you honestly that when the incident of 2001 happened (9/11), Muslims suffered as much racism after that. If sixty band took part in terrorism, then 1.6 billion people were so highly projected by the Islamic phobia and the international media that 1.6 billion Muslims… were made terrorists. I am giving reasons why this happened to Siraj. ‘

Akhtar said, ‘Spoken so much against Muslims, talked so much, so much reporting, that Muslims were introduced in the whole world by making them believe that there is no bigger terrorist in the world. I watched football, watched with the Black community. On the football ground. Someone is throwing bananas at them. Someone is calling them by the name of the animals. Someone makes their appearance, enlarges their lips… ..

Akhtar said, ‘I do not even want to use such words, because I am strongly against this thing. Because everything is made by Allah. Every human is made of Allah. He is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh. He is Black, He is White, He is Brown. He is Chinese, he is Japanese, whoever he is, he is made of Allah. You cannot insult him. ‘

Akhtar said, ‘Happened to me. Like we went to many countries. Asked where you came from? Told that we are from Pakistan. So he said oh oh Osama bin Laden’s country. The talk started from here. Went to the cricket field. Called after the Terrorist. I remember the incident in the year 2002. I will not take the name of the country, it will be a bad thing, voices are raised in the stadium. ‘

Shoaib Akhtar said, ‘Our friends were told. While we were there, Yatim was providing food for the children. We were giving our pocket money to that community. It is not seen that they belong to any religion or religion. We had no greed. We want rewards from Allah and not from people.

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