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Shraddha Kapoor wore such a short dress, she was the victim of an oops moment while sitting, watch the video

Shraddha Kapoor sometimes falls victim to the ups moment in the pursuit of being stylish. The same thing happened to her when she went out on the promotion of her film Baaghi 3. During this, she wore such a short dress that she started having trouble even sitting.

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor is known for her superb acting. She is also considered a style icon for today’s youth. But sometimes, in the pursuit of looking more stylish, sometimes she also becomes a victim of oops moment. Once the actress wore such a short dress that she could not even sit.

Shraddha’s short dress

Shraddha Kapoor looked very beautiful during the promotion of her film ‘Baaghi 3’. But during this time, she survived being a victim of Oops Moment many times. A video of Shraddha Kapoor is going viral these days, in which she was seen in a very short dress. This video is from during the promotion of ‘Baaghi 3’.

Had to cover the dress by hand

Shraddha Kapoor was wearing a blue and green color dress in the promotion of this film. During this, the paparazzi asked him to sit in front of the camera and pose. But the actress was feeling a little uncomfortable to sit because of her short dress. Later, Shraddha tried to sit again by covering her dress with her hand.

Shraddha movies

If we are talking about Shraddha Kapoor’s workfront, then she will soon be seen in Ekta Kapoor’s production film ‘Naagin’. Which her fans have been waiting for a long time. Along with this, Shraddha also has great films like ‘Stree 2’ and ‘Chalbaaz’ in her hands.



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