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Sister-in-law dances with brother-in-law on the dance floor, video goes viral

Devar Bhabhi Dance: The pair of brother-in-law and sister-in-law are not only friends but also like mother and son. The bonding between the two is such that people do not get tired of applauding after seeing them.

Devar Bhabhi Viral Video: The pair of Devar and Bhabhi looks very cool in marriage. From work-to-work, fun-joke and dance, the chemistry of this pair is very hot everywhere. This pair of Devar and Bhabhi (Devar Bhabhi Dance Video) is often seen laughing or joking. If brother-in-law gets married and sister-in-law does not dance, it cannot happen. Sister-in-law never misses any chance to dance. Not only this, where there is a chance to enjoy, the sister-in-law jumps with joy.

Marriage seems incomplete without brother-in-law and sister-in-law

Devar and Bhabhi are such a pair, without which any marriage seems incomplete. Very sweetness is seen in this relationship, which is played like mother-son and brother-sister. They wait for special occasions to keep their happiness in front of each other. Sister-in-law waits for her brother-in-law’s wedding, while brother-in-law wants to make every happy occasion of her sister-in-law special. This is the reason that this pair of brother-in-law and sister-in-law is very much liked by the family members.

Relatives blew 500-500 rupee notes in the air

Devar and sister-in-law (Devar Bhabhi News) do not leave any such opportunity where both of them miss to express their happiness. Something similar was also seen in this video that went viral on social media, when sister-in-law danced fiercely in front of brother-in-law and her brother-in-law. Not only this, during this the relatives present on the stage also blew 500-500 notes in the air. Sister-in-law danced fiercely with brother-in-law on Bollywood song.

Dance on the song ‘Lo Chali Main..’

Bhabhi surprised everyone with her dance on Bollywood’s most famous song ‘Lo Chali Main, Apni Devar Ki Baaraat Leke…’. The video of brother-in-law and sister-in-law is becoming fiercely viral on YouTube. As soon as it was uploaded on YouTube channel named Aman Mehndiratta, it became fiercely viral. It has been viewed nearly 10 million times on YouTube. People are commenting a lot on this video.



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