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Soup, Bread And More: Here’s Shruti Haasan’s Special Dinner Menu

Shruti Haasan shared a video of herself cooking dinner on her Instagram Stories, and the spread indeed looked delicious.

We have all known for some time now that Shruti Haasan is a powerhouse actor and singer. But it took a lockdown for the world to wake up to the chef in her. The ‘Luck’ actress has been spending some quality time in the kitchen over the past year and a cursory glance at her social media accounts will tell you that it is time spent well. From decadent desserts to simple south Indian meals, Shruti has been cooking up a storm. She makes it a point to share images of her preparation with fans, leaving us feeling impressed, jealous and hungry, all at once. Most recently, the actress gave her followers a look at her dinner-time prep on Instagram Stories. Take a look:

In a series of videos, she showed us that she was indulging in some elaborate cooking. The first clip saw Shruti Haasan multitasking as she was working on three pans at once. While two large pans contained onions and capsicums that were being sauteed, we also caught a glimpse of some thick brown broth simmering away in the pressure cooker. “What’s it going to turn into? Oh my god, so exciting!” Shruti said.

In the next clip, the 35-year-old showed us just what the final product looked like. The yummy ingredients had translated into a plate of bread, soup and a seafood broth. Sharing the video, she said, “Here it is. Soup, bread and seafood melange.”

Since Shruti Haasan has not shared her special seafood melange recipe, we have an alternative that you can try at home. This special broth is a warm and rich recipe that is made with prawns, squids, veggies and fresh basil.

This is not the first time Shruti Haasan has explored her love for seafood. Before this, the actress had also tried her hand at the famous Kerala dish, the Malabar fish curry. Using simple ingredients such as shallots, calamari and some curry leaves, the actress rustled up a dish that looked mouthwatering. She took it up a notch by adding a tadka of red chillies and curry leaves, which brought some heat to the frothing yellow gravy.

This special recipe can be made at home quite easily with a few simple ingredients. Despite its simplicity, the curry is loaded with nutrients such as omega – 3 fatty acids, proteins and several vitamins. The coconut milk in the recipe will aid in weight loss, regulating cholesterol and heart health. Here’s how you can make it at home.

So Shruti Haasan’s seafood melange or her traditional fish curry — what is going to be your indulgent pick for the week?



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