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Superbo*ld Esha Gupta is ready to marry such a boy, do you have that quality?

Superbo*ld actress Esha Gupta has told what kind of boy she is looking for for marriage. Along with this, the actress also told the merits of the boy.

New Delhi: Bollywood’s superbo*ld actress Esha Gupta is always in the news due to her bo*ld dresses and hot looks. Isha is currently dating Manuel Campos Guallar. Even a few days ago, the actress shared a picture with her Spanish boyfriend on social media. But do you know what kind of boy Esha Gupta is looking for for marriage. An interview of Isha is in the headlines these days, in which the actress told what qualities she wants to marry a boy with.

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I am very private person

Esha Gupta talked about her sleepy life and about the rumor of linking her name with someone. Esha Gupta said- ‘People only know how much time I am spending there and they think that they know a lot. But I am a very private person regarding family and friends. People write a lot about me but these things don’t matter to me.

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Isha is worried about this

The actress says that ‘she feels very sad that when the question about marriage to men is reduced. There is a discussion about the marriage of women for a long time. I want to wait for the right time before moving on to the next phase of my life.

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don’t try to change me

Talking about the qualities of a partner, Esha Gupta said- ‘There are more women than men in my family. Here parents should keep their daughters independent. If I marry a rich boy and she leaves me later, then I do not want to live life with alimony. I want to do something for myself. I don’t want to change my surname. I need a partner who supports me and does not try to change me.



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