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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: Babita’s stylish looks will make you fall in love with her, see photos

Munmun Dutta Dress: Babita of Taarak Mehta Serial i.e. Munmun Dutta gets every color on it. Her style of carrying her is also such that seeing that you will not be able to live without praising her and you will not hesitate to follow her.

Munmun Dutta Style: If you see this style of Babita ji of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, then you will also say that Taarak Mehta is not just like her. Babita ji who is seen in a typical character in this show i.e. Munmun Dutta is very beautiful in real life as well, as well as in style she has no answer. Every color shines on Munmun Dutta, who has a bright complexion. Her style of carrying her is also such that seeing that you too will not be able to live without praising and will not hesitate to follow her. Let’s have a look at some of Munmun’s styles that make her a style icon too.

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Shimmering moon in black

Munmun Dutta always looks amazing in a black outfit. In this post, she is wearing a black color side slit dress. There is also a dress off shoulder from one side. With dark lipstick, Munmun completed her look with minimal makeup. No accessory is also carried. But the beautiful smile adorned on her face is not allowing her style to fade away.

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Amazing in short dress

Even in short dress, Munmun Dutta looks beautiful in Bala. Before a reality show, Munmun chose this look. Munmun has kept a high pony hairstyle with a sparkling short dress of bright purple color. Munmun’s figure also looks great in this dress with a stylish belt near the waist with loose sleeves.

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Naughty style in sharara

Munmun specializes in carrying not only western dresses but also traditional dresses in a stylish way. She is looking very beautiful in yellow color sharara suit. Adorned with colorful prints, the kurta is paired with a plain base color sharara. The dupatta has been given such a design from the front that it is filling the gap of the neckpiece. Open hair and long earrings are adding to the beauty of Munmun Dutta.

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Illuminated with neon

Munmun Dutta has chosen neon color suit pants for an event. Munmun paired a red colored belly with a neon outfit. This combination is working well for them. Looking at her pictures in this dress, it can be guessed that Munmun is also very fond of wearing stylish and trendy rings. Beautiful rings are adorned in the fingers of both the hands. The ring with geometrical shape is also giving a new definition to her modern look.

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Beautiful woman in saree

Modern looking Munmun’s sari look will also surprise you. Munmun Bala looks beautiful in a black and white saree. She is wearing a black blouse decorated with white dots with the saree. Bindiya is adorned on the forehead and there are traditional earrings in the ear. Her love for finger rings is clearly visible in this style too.



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