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Tata great plan! 3000 rupees will be saved on 1 year recharge, you will get 500 Mbps internet speed

Tata Play and Jio offer high-speed broadband plans of 500 Mbps for their customers. After Corona, the demand for high-speed internet has increased a lot, which is why every company is bringing its own high-speed internet plans. But here we are comparing 500 Mbps plans of Tata Play and Jio Fiber for you so that you can know which plan is best for you:

Tata Play Fiber 500 Mbps Plan

Tata Sky recently changed its name to Tata Play Fiber, however, the plans have remained the same. The unlimited 500 Mbps plan from Tata Play Fiber comes at a monthly cost of Rs 2,300. Users can also get this plan for long term as the company offers 500 Mbps plan for different validity periods. For a period of three months, users can get this plan for Rs 6,900, for a validity period of six months the plan costs Rs 12,900 on which users actually save Rs 900 and finally the plan for a period of one year The cost is Rs 24,600, in which users save Rs 3000. Users get 3300GB or 3.3TB Fair Usage Policy (FUP) data with this broadband plan after which the speed drops to 3 Mbps.

JioFiber 500 Mbps Plan

JioFiber has a pack that comes with many benefits when it comes to 500 Mbps plan. JioFiber offers a plan of 500 Mbps at a price of Rs 2,499 per month. The plan offers a symmetrical upload and download speed of 500 Mbps and also provides good connectivity with multiple devices. Apart from this, Jio offers a total of 17 OTT subscriptions which include access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and thirteen others. The validity of Amazon Prime Video that comes with this plan is one year. Users can access this plan from the official website of Reliance Jio.



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