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Taunting Nora Fatehi cost Badshah dearly, crying and saying – I have to go home

Nora Fatehi challenges Badshah. In this challenge, the rapper had to copy the hook steps of Nora Fatehi. He went on stage with Nora. But while dancing, Badshah remembered Nani. He started crying while sitting on the stage and started saying, ‘I have to go home’.

The reality show Dance Deewane Juniors is everywhere these days. Rapper Badshah is going to be seen in this show. A promo of the show has surfaced, in which Badshah is seen sitting with judges Nora Fatehi, Neetu Kapoor and Marzi. In the video, Badshah takes a jibe at Nora’s dance style. He says that ‘I believe that lying on the ground and mopping is not called hook step.’ What was it then, Nora Fatehi also put Badshah’s class.

Badshah wept over Nora’s challenge

Nora Fatehi challenged Badshah and Judge Will. In this challenge, both had to copy Nora Fatehi’s hook steps. Both went on stage with Nora. Even then, he did the steps falling down, but the emperor remembered his grandmother in only two steps. He started crying while sitting on the stage and said, ‘I have to go home’. This moment was very funny for the viewers. Not only this, Badshah also apologized to Nora.

Later, judge Neetu Kapoor said that Badshah must have been repenting of doing evil to Nora. Neetu says, ‘I think now the king must be thinking that why did I say the thing about mopping. What have I done to myself? Badshah was seen dancing to Nora’s songs Kusu Kusu, Saki Saki and Hi Summer. He could not do a single step properly and he even gave knee to Nora.

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By the way, the song of Nora was sung by Badshah only. These days rapper Badshah is in discussion about his new song Voodoo. He has sung this song by Hollywood’s famous singer J Balvin. Apart from this, Badshah has also sung for the film Dhaakad. His song She’s On Fire is becoming quite popular.

Talking about Nora Fatehi, she is judging Dance Deewane Juniors. Nora often has discussions about her looks and outfits. Talking about films, Nora was last seen in Satyamev Jayate 2. She will soon be seen in the film Thank God and the Telugu film Hari Veera Mallu.



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