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The actress was shocked when the contestant touched Malaika Arora’s cheeks during the shoot; this thing came to mind

Malaika Arora told at the launch event of ‘India’s Best Dancer’ that a contestant tried to touch her cheek, due to which she was very scared.

The new season of Sony TV’s bang show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ has started. Like the previous season, this season too Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis will be seen as judges. During the shooting of the show, a contestant touched Malaika Arora’s cheeks. Although the contestant had touched the cheeks of the actress with great love, but even after that she was very scared. This was disclosed by the actress herself. Along with this, he also told what was the first thing that came to his mind.

At the launch event held last Friday, Malaika Arora was asked how she felt when the contestants touched her cheeks. Responding to this, the actress said, “Yes, I was a little scared, because it is the time of corona virus. He suddenly came up to me and started touching my cheeks.”

Malaika Arora further said in this regard, “For a moment I was very scared. He touched my cheeks very lovingly and I felt very happy too. But yes I was scared for a moment. I started wondering whether his hands were sanitized or not. Geeta Kapoor had also expressed surprise at this move of the contestant and said that she really had the courage to do so.

Geeta Kapoor had said about this, “Such things are rarely seen, because she is a very big personality. Who can go so direct and touch their cheeks? Even we do not have such courage. She was in that person and somewhere I think it was quite sweet.”

Let us tell you that Malaika Arora became Corona positive in the middle of the shooting of ‘India’s Best Dancer’ last year, due to which Nora Fatehi replaced her. However, after recovering, Malaika Arora returned to the show. Talking about the actress, Terence Lewis said, “Malaika has changed a lot while working with us. Earlier she was very classy, ​​but now she has become desi and lazy.”



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