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The bride asked a question before putting on the veramala, the groom could not tell..lout the procession

There are many reasons why marriages break up. Sometimes it happens that the dowry issue could not be made, then sometimes the marriage broke up due to some other incident. But the incident of breakdown of marriage from Uttar Pradesh came to light when the bride and groom were on stage and the bride asked a question.

The entire matter is related to Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh, where a village resident of Kharela police station area had arranged the daughter’s marriage in a village in Panwadi police station area. On the night of 30 April, the procession reached the door of the party, during which a lot of bararatis were taken care of.

Meanwhile, during the Jaimala program, the groom started doing strange things, the bride was watching all this. The bride posed a question to the groom before putting on Jayamala. He said that if he answers this question then only he will get married. If you cannot answer, then you will not marry.

In fact, the bride asked the groom to recite a multiplication of two. After the groom’s question, the groom did not understand anything at first. After this, he started to look around and opened his pole. The bride then refused to take seven rounds with the groom and did not wear a garland.

The bride categorically refuses that she will not marry him. On hearing this, the ground slipped from the feet of the wedding party. The atmosphere of happiness turned into complete tension. No one was able to understand what decision should be taken. The bride said that she cannot marry someone who does not even know the basics of mathematics.

After hours of discussion, the matter could not be resolved and the effort to persuade the bride continued throughout the night, but she did not listen. When the police came to know about it, an attempt was made to explain it, but the girl did not listen. Eventually, the girl was accepted.

People from the girl’s side reached the police station and demanded that the money spent in the wedding be returned. Station Head Vinod Kumar says that both sides were heard. They told that it was an orange marriage.

Station Head Vinod Kumar said that people from both sides negotiated and the agreement was reached. It was decided in the conversation that people from both sides will return gifts and jewelry given to each other. Seeing their mutual consent, the police has not registered a case.

It is being told that all this happened because the girl was lied that the boy was educated. After the procession, all the rituals had also started. But the girl got an inkling from somewhere that the boy has not read as much as has been told.

After this, the girl decided that she would take information about this herself. Just before Varmala, the girl stole the question from the boy and he could not even tell. The girl’s suspicion turned out to be true, she refused to marry immediately.

When Jaimal ran away just before the event, the groom: One such interesting case came to light from Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka recently, leaving the groom’s wife in the pavilion and ran away with his girlfriend. Dulhan also did not delay in taking the decision and got married with a baraati who came to the wedding.

In this case, it was told that the boy was having an affair with someone else, but the boy was about to get married at the behest of his family members. Then his girlfriend said that if he gets married, she will eat poison. On hearing this, the boy ran away from the wedding pavilion itself.

On the other hand, the boy ran away from the wedding pavilion, the girl’s senses flew away. But the girl decided that everyone was stunned. The girl chose her life partner from the same wedding.

Let us know that such interesting cases of marriage keep coming up. A few days ago an interesting case came up from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, when a girl reached the District Magistrate just before her marriage. The woman told the DM that the road in the village is very bad, there will be a lot of difficulty in coming to the procession.

The DM immediately heard the complaint of the girl and instructed the concerned officer to make the road before the wedding. The DM told the officials that as soon as the road work is completed, they should be informed immediately. Upon hearing this, the girl happily went to her house.

In this case, it was told that the condition of roads in the village where it used to be is very bad. There are mud and pits in every place, due to which people have to face a lot of trouble. The possibility of accident at night also increases. In such a situation, the girl pleaded.



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