The company gave relief to the Swiggy employees, now they will work only four days a week, they will be able to take advance salary


For the convenience of employees in the Corona crisis, online food delivery firm Swiggy has asked to work only four days a week. Apart from this, the company will also provide medical facilities to its employees.

Due to the second wave of Corona, lockdown has been imposed in all the states of the country. Restaurants and hotels are closed due to this. In such a situation, home delivery of food is being done through Swiggy. Even in this difficult time, the employees of this online food delivery firm are working hard. In such a situation, the company has given relief to them. Now employees will work only 4 days a week. In this way, there will be a four-day workweek for employees in May.

In the Corona era, Swiggy is also giving her the salary of advance salary, leave encashment and loan for the convenience of her employees. Apart from this, the company will bear the full cost of treatment if any of the employees suffer from corona or their families get infected by this epidemic. The company has also planned to give salary for the employees of grades 1 to 6 as early as May. The company’s HR head Girish Menon has also sent an email to the employees about the work being done four days a week.

The email reads, “You decide four days a week that you want to work on, and use the extra day to relax and take care of your family and friends.”

Helpline started for Swiggy employees
If a Swiggy employee is found corona infected, he will be provided with medical facilities by the company immediately. The company will help in getting him beds in hospital, ICU, plasma, getting oxygen cylinder etc. Not only this, online doctor consultation and medical assistance will also be made available to the employees. A support helpline has also been started for this. Also an app has been prepared for this.

Raised $ 80 million from funding
Swiggy recently raised $ 800 million in a new round of funding. It has also arranged for its employees, their family members and about two lakh delivery partners to get the vaccine installed.

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