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This certificate is useful for the family of a jobber in bad times, SBI has given answers to all the questions

According to the information given on the SBI website, the family pension starts when the pensioner dies. Only the person given in PPO gets family pension.

The amount to be deducted from salary of salaried employees, which goes to other funds ie EPS. That amount is received every month after retirement. For this, a unique number is issued to pensioners, with the help of which they receive pension after retirement. This number is called the Pension Payment Order (PPO). After getting the pension, who will get the pension in his family, which is fully known in the PPO. That is why it is very important for the family to know about it.

First of all know about PPO

A unique number is issued to the pensioners under the Employee Pension Scheme, with the help of which pension is received after retirement. This number is called Pension Payment Order (PPO).

In simple words, PPO number is issued by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to the person retiring from any company.

EPS Pensioner Alert! Now get PPO No using your bank account number

After retirement, the EPFO ​​issues a letter to the employee, which contains the details of the PPO. In such a situation, if a person loses his PPO number, he can easily get it with the help of his bank account.

As a pensioner, you should keep in mind that the pension payment order number is entered in your passbook. Many times it happens that bank employees do not enter PPO number in the passbook of the pensioner.

In case of transfer of pension account from one branch to another branch, when there is no PPO number in the passbook, it can cause problems. Due to this, pension can also be delayed.

Apart from this, if you lodge a complaint related to your pension in EPFO, then it is also mandatory to give you PPO number. PPO number is also required to know online pension status.

This is how PPO numbers get when lost

Apart from this, you can also get your PPO number by opening in a new tab.

EPFO has a separate website to get PPO number related information. Here you can get information about life certificate, PPO number, payment information and your pension status.

PPO number is very useful in bad times

Experts say that the entire details of the family are done on the PPO itself. After pensioner’s departure, the amount of any pension will be received. It is decided by this paper. SBI has given information related to this.

When will the family pension start?

According to the information given on the SBI website, the family pension starts when the pensioner dies. Family pension is payable to the person given in PPO on his / her death certificate and the pensioner’s family member’s application.

Which office do dependents have to contact in case of family pension?

The home branch from which the pensioner’s pension was paid will be the contact branch for the family pension as well. The pensioner’s family member, who is mentioned in the PPO, has to visit the pension paying branch every month with the following documents.

The death certificate (original and a photocopy) of the pensioner will be returned after verification by the bank.

It is very important for pensioners to know this number, otherwise money can be stuck in the account

Re-marriage certificate and employmentlessness certificate (no job) have to be submitted. Minor declaration attested by a bank officer or a gazetted officer. The relevant format is available in the branch.

Further, the life certificate of the family pensioner along with the required documents and the undertaking to provide fixed medical allowance in the case of the central civil pensioner on the prescribed format (The bank is required to submit these certificates and promissory notes in the month of November every year )

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