This time Delhi-Haryana will get the maximum heat, Meteorological Department forecasts three months


Summer has knocked. Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorological Department has issued a forecast of heat during the next three months. Delhi-Haryana will get maximum heat. The maximum temperature here is expected to be 0.62 degrees above normal. By the way, except in Jammu and Kashmir, there is a possibility of hotter than normal in most parts of North India.

The Meteorological Department has been issuing summer forecasts continuously since 2016. The forecast released on Wednesday for the next three months April-June says that Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh divisions will have the maximum heat. The maximum temperature here can be as high as 0.62 degrees. In Punjab, the maximum temperature will be 0.56 degrees in summer, 0.50 degrees in western Rajasthan, 0.37 in eastern Rajasthan, 0.43 in western Uttar Pradesh, 0.19 in eastern Uttar Pradesh, 0.31 in Uttarakhand and 0.27 degrees in Himachal Pradesh.

The department has also said that Delhi-Haryana-Chandigarh division and western Rajasthan are 100 percent more likely to get heat. Meteorologist Rajendra Gennamani says that if the maximum average temperature rises by more than half a degree, then the effect is evident to the people. The importance of the increase of 0.62 degrees can also be understood from the fact that today the global temperature has been shaken by an average increase of about one degree. Similarly, maximum temperature is expected to be 0.27 in Jharkhand, 0.35 in Odisha and 0.13 in Bihar.

The IMD said that the maximum temperature is expected to be below normal levels in most parts of South India, parts of East India, Northeast, Jammu and Kashmir etc. The maximum temperature in Jammu and Kashmir is expected to be 0.53 degrees below average. Similarly, in some parts of West Bengal, Kerala and Karnataka, the maximum temperature will be below normal.

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