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Toll tax is not charged on these vehicles, they can travel anywhere in the country, know the reason

Toll tax: While traveling on the highway, there are many toll plazas on the way. Drivers passing through here have to pay toll tax. But do you know? In India, no fee is charged for 5 types of vehicles at toll points.

These vehicle drivers can pass through the toll gate without paying any fee. Let us tell you that toll tax is a special type of tax. Under this, the government compensates the drivers for the expenses incurred in road construction.

These charges are collected for the maintenance and construction of the road. Earlier, toll fee was paid through cash or digital payment. But now in view of the increasing traffic, FASTag has been introduced to make it easier.

The government receives huge amount of revenue from these toll booth charges. However, 5 types of vehicles are exempted from paying any toll for passing through this toll booth.

These vehicles are not required to pay toll fee while passing through the customs booth. These are exempted for certain reasons. These include military vehicles, VIP vehicles, vehicles of government officials or celebrities, emergency vehicles and two wheelers.

All these vehicles can travel on national highways across the country without paying any toll tax. Indian Army personnel do not have to pay any toll charges on national highways while traveling in their vehicles in the country.

Since they travel for essential work, no fees are charged from the country’s soldiers. In India, VIPs i.e. politicians, government appointed representatives, public representatives etc. are not charged toll at any toll booth in the country.

For this he was given VIP pass. Vehicles with this pass can travel free on the toll booth route. Emergency vehicle services like ambulances, fire engines with sirens do not have to pay toll charges while passing through toll booths.

Apart from this, two wheeler can travel anywhere in the country without paying toll charge. Toll is a fee charged for a vehicle to travel on a particular road. Since two-wheelers do not cause much damage to the roads, toll fees are not collected from them.

However, there is another important rule related to toll booths. Most people do not know this rule. Actually, there is a provision that if there is a queue of vehicles at a toll booth for a distance of more than 100 meters, then the vehicles standing in the queue can go without paying any fee.

According to the rules, the waiting time of vehicles at toll plazas located on any national highway should not be more than 10 seconds. Even if this happens, you can proceed without any tax.

At the same time, the line of vehicles at any toll plaza should not exceed 100 meters. If you have to wait in a line more than 100 meters long, you can go without paying toll.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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