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Toll tax is not charged on these vehicles, they can travel anywhere in the country, know the reason

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has taken major steps in recent years to ensure smooth flow of traffic at toll plazas. But we still face long queues. Because some motorists feel they are entitled to pass for free. Whereas such motorists often have many reasons for expecting that freedom. Under NHAI guidelines there are only 5 categories of vehicles that are exempted from paying toll and there are no other exceptions.

Here we are telling you about those five categories and about a special situation of exemption from toll payment. Which will help you not to pay any special toll if you face trouble due to a careless driver.

These vehicle categories are exempted from paying toll tax:

  • Emergency services
  • Defense services
  • VIP vehicle
  • Public transportation
  • Two wheeler

As per NHAI guidelines, emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire brigade and police vehicles are exempted from paying toll. Defense vehicles in service under the Army, Navy or Air Force are also exempted. And VIP vehicles carrying people ranging from the President, Prime Minister, High Court judges to foreign dignitaries on state visits have also been exempted. Public transport vehicles and two-wheelers operated by the state government are also exempted from paying toll, except two-wheelers at some National Highway plazas.

Exemption may be available in this situation

However, civilian cars are not exempted from paying toll tax under any circumstances. But as per the updated NHAI guidelines, vehicles are not allowed to queue for more than 100 metres. And toll plazas are not required to take more than 10 seconds of service time per vehicle. If these conditions are not met and you have to wait and the queue is more than 100 meters long, the guidelines require toll staff to let cars through for free until the queue reaches within 100 meters .

To identify the 100 meter queue limit, there is a yellow line marker on each toll lane which can be seen visually to confirm. This has been done to promote a sense of accountability among toll plaza operators.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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