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Top 15 Best Quote Apps For Android And iOS

Quotes are one of the best parts of everyone’s life. This will help motivate you and enjoy your work. If you do not have a collection of new and unique quotes for your day then you are at the right place. In this article, we are listing the best 15 Quote apps for Android And iOS which will help you to get daily quotes easily on your smartphone. These apps are very useful which provide you better quotes from popular poets and authors.

You can easily choose any app and get daily quotes easily. Some of these apps have quotes from different categories of quotes as love, inspiration, fun, and others. You can also easily select them by your categories. 

If you want to make picture quotes by your favorite image without any designing information then you can also see this post. In this article, you will also learn how to create a picture quote for different social media. All these apps have been tested on different Android and iOS devices and work smartly for all smartphones. You can easily use any of these apps and easily create a unique quote on your smartphone for free.

In this article, we will consider the applications in which the greatest statements of any time are collected from the most diverse personalities such as writers, philosophers, saints, and other thinkers. All you need is a phone or tablet. Here, we are listing up the top 15 Best Quote Apps For Android And IOS.

Top 15 Best Quote Apps For Android And IOS

1.  Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

Brilliant Quotes & Quotations is the most popular quote app on the market available for Android devices. It has a modern and user-friendly interface. The app provides over 4000 quotes from over 200 celebrities.

It is possible to change the theme of the application (dark and light theme). On the home screen, you can see the “Quote of the Day” and set notifications when it has changed. You can search for citations by author or category. You can read some facts about the author here or use the link to Wikipedia for detailed information.

Brilliant Quotes contains a list of thousands of hand-written quotes from history. It has the option to search and browse for citations by author or category. It provides daytime quotes to its users according to your interest and behavior. You can easily view, read, and vote for it so that other users can also get it by vote. The best and unique feature of this app is that you have the option to easily get your favorite quotes and vote for the best quotes.

Brilliant Quotes & Quotations


2.  Inspirational and Motivational Quotes -Daily Quote

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes have a large collection of quotes that will inspire you. New quotes are added every day. You can save your favorite people as ‘favorites’, share them with friends via social networks or save them to your phone. 

If you want, you can change the background of the app. There is a collection of colorful background photos or you can use your photos for the background. You can set a reminder to see new quotes every day on your phone screen.

Motivation is an automatic quote generator app that allows you to easily create unlimited quotes on your smartphone for free. It is a fast and easy app with a fully customized option. You can easily create new quotes on this app by selecting different categories. It has a good collection of quotes according to their categories as inspirational, funny, inspired, love, comedy, and more. You can easily select any quote from this app and easily make it unique by changing the text color, font style, background, and more.

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes -Daily Quote


3.  The Best Life Quotes

Best Life Quotes is the best quote and status app for both iPhone and Android users. It is simple to use and has a clear interface. So, you can set notifications to read new quotes every day. You can save the things you like and share them as text or pictures. There is also a favorite list to add the best quotes from you.

Quotes are divided into a few categories: best life quotes, happiness quotes, forgiveness quotes, smile quotes, outlook quotes, work quotes, skip quotes, proverbs quotes, hard times quotes, and others.

Best Life Quotes is another good quote app with an amazing collection of quotes and wallpaper pics. It has more than 1000 unique quotes that help inspire you. It also has the option of using quotes as wallpapers and backgrounds or share them with your friends and family for free. All quotes are divided into various categories as love quotes, wish quotes, advice, funny, poetry, hope, and others. You can easily choose any of these categories and easily get quotes on your smartphone.

The Best Life Quotes


4.  Quotes Book

An amazing app for Android users that contains quotes from celebrities. They are well organized, so you can choose a category and see the list on your phone screen. Then, tap on a quote and you will be able to send it to someone else.

On the home screen, you will always see random quotes from various authors. To see the list of authors, simply tap on the left top option.

Quotes Book


5.  53,000+ Famous Quotes Free

Over 53,000 quotes that will inspire and inspire you to gather in one place – 53,000+ famous quotes free. The design of the app itself is inspiring and you will have an enjoyable time reading here.

You can search for an author by name, random quotes, or browse your favorites. Sharing is available through social networks.

53,000+ Famous Quotes Free


6.  Inspirational Quotes Free

Do you need some inspiration? Are you not motivated enough? Try the free inspirational quotes free app! It will help make your world brighter, inspire you, make you smile. It contains the most popular quotes and poems about life. You can save them, share them with friends, or use them as wallpaper. The list of quotes is updated daily.

Inspirational Quotes Free


7.  Positive Inspirational Quotes

Are you upset? Do you want something to smile on? Download the Positive Inspirational Quotes app on your phone and a good mood is guaranteed for the whole day! You will see a large selection of positive quotes that are appropriate for each situation. View images by moving them to the left or right. Want to share an image with a friend? Use it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, or Google+.

The application contains inspirational quotes about love, career, relationships, happiness, outlook, dreams, leadership, achievement, success, and more.

Positive Inspirational Quotes


8.  +Quotes – New Positive, Inspirational Quotes Daily

+ Quotes app helps you to find and share new inspirational and inspirational sayings of famous authors. Tom D’Auria, a renowned artist and illustrator collaborates with the app’s developers and brings original, high-quality artwork to + quotation. So, enjoy the app and get inspired!

+Quotes – New Positive, Inspirational Quotes Daily


9.  Philosophy Quotes, Philosophos

It is a vast collection of quotes and statements of great philosophers for all occasions. You can add favorite quotes to ‘Favorites’, or instantly share them on social networks, send them by mail and SMS.

The application has an easy and beautiful widget, with very flexible settings for every user and every taste. The interface of the application is smooth and pleasant.

Philosophy Quotes, Philosophos



The application contains beautiful quotes, ideas, and aphorisms of great people for all occasions of the quote book. These quotes and statements can be used as status and saved as wallpaper. And there are also quotes about love and business quotes.

I hope this application changes your life for the better.



11.  15000+ Latest Status & Quotes

Find phrases close to you, join the wisdom of great people – expand the consciousness and understanding of the world around you! You can see random phrases, choose by category of words or writers.

You can see random phrases, choose by category of words or writers. Add favorite phrases to favorites – create your mini-library of the world’s best expressions!

You can also create your quotes here and share them with others.

15000+ Latest Status & Quotes


12.  Quotlr

The application contains thoughts and quotes from our contemporaries and people from previous eras. Quotations are categorized by authors and categories. This application will allow you to view quotes by authors, read quotes on a selected topic, view quotes at random. You can also share your favorite quotes with your friends on social networks.



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13.  55,000 Amazing Quotes

The collection contains over 100,000 quotes from over 7 000 authors whose autobiographies can also be found in the app. All the quotes are divided into more than 1500 topics, among which you will find one that you like. You can also view quotes in offline mode.

You will be surprised to discover many famous thinkers from childhood. And also get acquainted with hundreds of new philosophers, writers, politicians, musicians, psychologists, specially chosen for you.

55,000 Amazing Quotes


14.  Best Daily live Wisdom Quotes

In any life difficulties, you will find inspiration and inspiration in the treasure of this idea. Support a person you love, in two clicks, sharing any quote with him via social networks.

Wise words and ideas that have not lost their value after centuries. The collection includes selected quotes and brilliant phrases from the ancient Egyptians of the world to the twentieth century.

Best Daily Life Wisdom Quotes


15.  BrainyQuote – Famous Quotes

Famous Quotes is another popular quote app with a huge collection of unique quotes. It has listed over 53000 quotes. You can easily choose and use any of them or share them with your friends and family for free. It is easy to navigate, and the app is easy to use. One of the best features of this app is that you can find a writer by searching on this app. The writer has the option to easily jump, move, swipe, or tap to get a writer.

The most beautiful quotes and statements of famous people on your phone! Daily updates! You can make beautiful wallpapers using these quotes and share them with friends. All photos you like can be saved in the Applications folder in the device’s gallery.

A colorful widget with the ability to customize it to your taste will allow you to have the wisdom of the world at hand.

BrainyQuote – Famous Quotes


Funny Quotes

Funny QuotesFunny Quotes is a free and easy to use quote app that has the funniest quotes collection to share with your friends and family. It has different and uniquely designed templates to choose from. You can easily choose any of them and easily create quotes by tapping on the word to add texts. A feature of this app is that you provide an option to change the saturation, contrast, brightness, and others of the image and text to make a new and unique quote on your smartphone.










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