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Toshu was in love with this girl except Kinjal, Anupama is unaware of the truth

Nothing is going well between Anupama’s elder son Toshu and his wife Kinjal. These two don’t even like to talk to each other anymore. Meanwhile, Toshu has come close to a girl.

New Delhi: In the TV serial Anupama, where the talk between Kavya and Vanraj Shah has reached to divorce, the relationship between Toshu and Kinjal (Nidhi Shah) is also not special. The distance between these two is increasing day by day. In the midst of these growing distances, Toshu’s closeness with a woman has increased a lot. The proof of this is a picture shared by Toshu himself ie Ashish Malhotra.

Toshu came close to this girl leaving Kinjal

Toshu and Kinjal had a love marriage. For a few days after the wedding, everything went well between these two. But now due to many things between these two, the distance has increased so much that both of them do not even like to talk to each other. Meanwhile, Toshu has come very close to a girl.

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Share photo in Cozy Pose

Toshu is seen giving cozy pose with this girl. This picture has been shared by Toshu i.e. Ashish Malhotra on social media. In the picture, Toshu and the girl are hugging each other.

Toshu wrote a special message

It is not known who this girl is. But it is very clear that Toshu is very much attached to this girl. Toshu has shared two of his pictures with this girl on the official account of Instagram. Posting the pictures, Toshu wrote in the caption- ‘Happy Birthday Meri Golgappa. I know you can kill me for this. I am very happy that you are with me. Always be happy and smile like this.

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Anupama is the son of Vanraj, Toshu

Toshu is playing the role of Vanraj Shah and Anupama’s elder son in the serial ‘Anupama’. For a long time, Toshu seems to be angry with his family members in the show. Even his married life is not going well. However, it is now being shown in the show that Toshu is trying to fix the relationship with Kinjal after persuading his younger brother and sister.

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