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Traffic Rules: Not paying the pending challan of the vehicle can cause problems, all these things will be banned

Pending Challan: Many people do not even know that many challans have been issued for their vehicle, while some people ignore it despite knowing. Doing this can be quite dangerous.

Pending Challan: If you also travel daily in your car or bike then you need to be careful. People are constantly being issued challans due to the cameras installed on the road and many people are also ignoring them. If you are also included among those people then it can be a big problem for you. Due to not paying the challan, the traffic police will put you in a category in which you can neither sell the car nor get any other work done. Today we are giving you this information.

Challans are made through cameras

In fact, for the last few years, the number of challans issued through cameras has been continuously increasing, now such cameras have been installed at every red light or intersection. Because of this, multiple challans are issued on the same vehicle. Instead of filling them all at once, people start waiting, which can be quite dangerous for them.

The car will be blacklisted

According to the new rule of the government, if there are more than 8 challans on your car or bike and you are not paying them, then your vehicle can be blacklisted. Once your vehicle is blacklisted, you will not be able to avail any facility on the vehicle portal. Your vehicle will not be fit, pollution test will not be done and you will not be able to transfer this vehicle. However, if the driver pays all the challans of the vehicle, his vehicle will be out of the blacklist.

After this decision of the government, till now thousands of vehicles have gone into the blacklist category. Apart from this, this action is continuing continuously. If you have not yet paid your pending challans, then complete this work immediately, otherwise you may be next. Apart from this, to avoid further challan, follow the traffic rules and keep in mind that you are being monitored everywhere.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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