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Trees can be planted near your house for crores of rupees! Supreme Court told that the price will be fixed

Often no care is taken of the trees around them. If someone wished, they put a board on it and if someone wanted it, they cut it and threw it away. If you do this too or if someone near you does it, then be careful. It may be that the plant near your house or in your village is worth crores of rupees. Actually, a report presented in the Supreme Court has given the price according to the age of the tree.

In this report, it has been said to evaluate trees by year. You will be surprised not only the price of the tree has been estimated, but the prices of different things have also been mentioned in it and the price has been calculated by including all. In this, the price of oxygen from the tree has also been added. In such a situation, we know what is the basis of finding the price of the tree and what money is added to it…

300 trees worth 2.2 billion

Actually, 300 trees were being cut for constructing five overbridge railways in West Bengal and a case was going on in the Supreme Court against it. During this time, the Supreme Court had formed an expert committee and this committee has submitted its report to the court. In this report, he has given the price of trees being cut due to construction of overbridge at Rs 2.2 billion.

The committee says that which means that alive trees are more profitable than the project. An expert committee has said this to the Supreme Court. The heritage tree is a big tree which takes decades or centuries to mature.

On what basis price fixed?

This committee of environmental experts has done on the basis of many factors including the remaining age of the tree, oxygen, macro nutrient, compost and other bio fertilizers. The committee said that the price of a tree cannot be determined only on the basis of its wood. Apart from wood, there are many things that can be priced.

How much does a tree cost?

According to the committee, the economic value of a tree can be 74,500 rupees in a year. The older the tree is, its value should be multiplied by Rs 74,500 every year. The committee says that the price of a heritage tree 100 years old can be more than one crore rupees. Oxygen costs Rs 45,000 while bio-fertilizers cost Rs 20,000. Apart from this, the remaining price can be considered as wood.

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The committee also said about that project in Bengal, ‘This is the future price of 300 trees. If 59.2 km of roads are considered, then they will be congested in a decade or more and the authorities will be forced to widen it and thus 4056 trees will need to be cut. In that case the price of the products will be 30.21 billion rupees in 100 years. Therefore, to avoid this environmental disaster, solutions outside the regular structure are needed.

By the way, let us tell you that these 5 bridges are part of the ‘Sethu Bharatam Mega Project’ which is funded by the Central Government and it has 208 rail over and under bridges to be built in 19 states of the country. For this, Rs 20,800 crore has been approved.



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