Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert: Fateh is devastated by Tejo’s truth

In Udriyaan, Fateh will be seen feeling a setback in his life and ashamed of himself.

Colors show Udriyaan produced by Dreamyata Entertainment has seen the shocking drama of Fateh (Ankit Gupta) accusing Tejo of having an affair with Boozo. However, we wrote about how Simran’s entry into Virk’s house put Fateh and his thoughts to shame.

While Simran will tell the whole truth in front of the family, the Virk family will be divided in their eyes. While Fateh’s mother Tejo, Amrik and Mahi will feel bad for Simran, Fateh’s father will be ashamed of Simran’s actions.

Fateh’s father will ask Simran to get out of the house. Before leaving, Simran will play in Fateh’s mind the fact that he was cheap in his thinking and Tejo and Boozo share a brother and sister relationship.

Fateh will be devastated knowing the truth. He will share his thoughts with Jasmine in which he tells her that he is ashamed of himself for believing what he saw. Just because he saw Tejo with Boozo, he assumed they were guilty, just like he was in a secret case.

Fateh would feel bad that he pointed a finger at a woman like Tejo who is of pure heart.

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