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Public Provident Fund : Under this scheme, every month, with the investment of only 500 rupees, after 15 years, 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees can be known here.

Public Provident Fund : If you ask to save some amount every month and invest for long-term returns, then investing in PPF Public Provident Fund will be very beneficial for you. 

Because at this time the scheme is getting a much higher 7.1% annual interest than all other schemes, PPF is also considered very safe according to the investment. Let me tell you that if you invest only 500 every month for 15 years, then after 15 years you can get 1 lakh 60 thousand back with an interest rate of 7.1%.

Highlights of PPF Public Provident Fund:

  • In PPF Fund, you can start with an investment of at least 500 rupees every month.
  • You can invest up to 1 lakh 50 thousand annually in this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, you can make a big fund for a long time with a small amount.
  • You can open a new PPF account from any bank or post office, if your bank has savings and net banking facility is started, then you can open a new PPF account sitting online.
  • The maturity time of this scheme is 15 years, however you can extend it even further by 5 years.
  • After opening a new PPF account, there is a lock-in time of the first 5 years, in which you can withdraw money, but after that you can withdraw money by filling in Form 2, at which time 1% will be charged from your total investment.
  • You can also take a loan above the amount of your investment after 1 year of opening a PPF account. You can take a loan up to a maximum of 25 percent of the deposit amount.
  • There is no tax on the amount invested in this scheme, you do not have to pay any tax on the interest as well, due to which you can invest in this scheme to avoid tax.

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You will get this amount after 15 years on investing 500 rupees every month:

  • If you invest 500 rupees every month in this scheme then after 15 years you will get 1 lakh 60 thousand back.
  • The more you increase the amount of this investment, the more you gain.
  • If you invest 1 thousand every month, then after 15 years you will get 3 lakh 21 thousand back.
  • 6 lakh 43 thousand for investing 2 thousand and 9 lakh 64 thousand for investing 3 thousand.
  • At the same time, you can extend your investment even further by 5 years.



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