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Under Tthe Scheme ESIC Covid 19 Relief of the ministry of labor the family of the corona deceased will get monthly pension, know details

ESIC Covid-19 Relief Scheme: Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has recently approved the Covid-19 Relief Scheme for their dependents on death from Corona.

ESIC Covid-19 Relief Scheme: The first and second wave of Coronavirus has put many to sleep. Till now lakhs of people have lost their lives in the country due to this disease. Corona is a relief news for the families of the deceased. The Employee State Insurance Corporation ie ESIC has recently approved the Covid-19 Relief Scheme.

What is this scheme 

Under this scheme, help will be provided to the dependents of the ESIC card holder on his death due to corona. If the insured employee under the purview of ESIC dies of corona, then his dependents will get a pension of at least Rs 1800 per month (Covid-19 Relief Scheme Benefits) from ESIC. Now the Labor Ministry has notified the Covid-19 Relief Scheme.

Relief from this scheme 

MK Sharma, Insurance Commissioner, Revenue and Benefits at ESIC says that the family applying under this scheme will get the salary of the deceased employee. That is, if the person contributing to the ESIC dies of corona, then the wife, children, dependent parents or siblings in his family will be paid 90 percent of the employee’s final salary every month.

Who will benefit 

Under this scheme, the family will get the benefit of this scheme in case of death of such employee for at least 70 days within a year in any company who has contributed to ESIC. Apart from this, it is necessary to be an employee of any company for three months before the employee is Covid. During this, if he has corona and dies, then his family will be considered eligible for this scheme.

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