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Uorfi Javed Name: Urfi Javed again changed her name, is he doing this to get fame?

Urfi has again changed the spelling of her name on the social media platform Instagram. This time Urfi has added the letter ‘O’ to her name. From Urrfii to Uorfi, the social media sensation has changed its name officially this time.

What is in a name? Often people are heard saying this. But let me tell you that nowadays everything is kept in the name itself. Whether to boost one’s career or improve mutual relations, it means that whenever someone’s work or life is not going well, astrologers are often advised to change the name. Sometimes someone adds extra letter, sometimes the spelling is changed. Social media sensation aka Javed has also changed her name once again.

A letter in the name of urfi

Anyway, because of her unusual fashion, Urfi often remains in the discussion. The actress knows very well to keep herself in limelight. Urfi has made spelling changes in her name in the past as well. It seems, madam is very fond of making changes. That’s why she keeps on changing clothes, sometimes makeup and sometimes in name. Urfi has changed the spelling of her name for the third time. Earlier, Urrfii used to write on Instagram, now she has changed it to Uorfi.

Information posted by Urfi

Urfi herself posted the story on Instagram about this. Urfi wrote- ‘Hello friends, I have officially changed my name. It will be the same in speaking, just the spelling has changed in writing. I just request everyone to remember to write my name correctly from now on, so that I can also remember. I too often forget. Love You. Thank you’.

Let us tell you that Urfi is very active on social media. Social media lovers often remain the subject of discussion among people for their amazing fashion. The popularity of Urfi has increased so much that fans now wait for her new experiment. Urfi has 3.2 million followers on Instagram.


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