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UP School Reopen: Schools to be open from February 10, this rule will be applicable regarding attendance

After opening schools from 9th to 12th in Uttar Pradesh, there is complete preparation to open schools for young children from 10 February. These schools, which were closed due to Corona epidemic, will be opened after about 11 months. Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi directed that schools should be opened only as per the guidelines issued by the central government. Read complete guidelines …

Children’s education has suffered a lot due to the closure of schools due to Corona. Students studying in state government primary and junior high schools who do not have access to online education. The government has issued instructions about the reopening of schools. The format of Consent Letter has also been released. Its format clarifies that the school will do everything possible to prevent the corona epidemic, but it does not guarantee that the corona will not spread. In such a situation, sending the student to school is entirely at the discretion of the parent. The school administration will not be responsible if the infection spreads.

The Directorate of Basic Education has also released the time table from class one to class eight. Prevention measures from COVID-19 should be strictly followed. Mid-day meals will also be given with full vigil in council schools. It will be mandatory for all government and private schools to get written consent from parents. Parents will also give complete information about the students’ health status and their national and international travel. If the student wants to study from home, then he has to give that option. Such students will have to be given the option to study online and it will be the responsibility of the teacher to complete the studies.

Also, schools have to be sanitized regularly. Commonly touched surfaces such as door latch, dashboard, duster, bench and desk etc. will be sanitized. Clean toilets and clean drinking water will have to be arranged. Students will be given admission through various gates and will be safely taken out after school ends. Every student, teacher and employee will inevitably wear masks and come to school. Thermal screening will have to be done and sanitizer will also have to be arranged.

Currently, in view of the corona epidemic, no strict rules or strictness will be taken regarding the attendance of students. Rewards or honorarium for maximum attendance will also be discouraged. The academic calendar will be planned for all classes related exams. Also, schools have been advised to avoid any such incident where it is difficult to follow the rules of social distance. Therefore, celebrations, celebrations, sports competitions and other competitions will not be held in schools. The assembly itself will be under the supervision of the teacher.

Speaking to India Today, Meenakshi Bahadur, principal of Study Hall School, said that the classes would be organized in rotation as given by the department and that the class schedule has been set as per SOP. He stressed that the challenge would be that young children follow the COVID protocol. Also, in addition to regular online learning, more attention will be given to writing ability. He said that students will not take any goods from each other in the class. “Students will also not share books, pens, pencils, notebooks and food etc. Outside vendors will not be allowed to sell food inside the school. School buses and vans will be cleaned twice daily. At the same time, library and laboratory Also, the rules of physical distance will have to be followed and it will be necessary to follow the mask. Spitting in the school premises will be prohibited.

In addition, government schools are preparing for primary students. Poonam Tripathi, head of government primary school Jiamau said that she is planning to start classes from 10 February. The information has been shared with the parents and the teachers are planning the course accordingly. He also said that if sanitation is done by the Municipal Corporation, it will be more effective, but they are working according to the SOP given by the department. Teachers are also preparing for the new session. Primary teacher, Sarita Shukla said that she faced a lot of challenges during online learning. More focus will now be on completing the course along with improving the learning ability of the student. Another teacher, Punita Tripathi said that since the schools were closed for almost 11 months, it would take some time for the students to get back on track.

On the other hand, parents are apprehensive about sending young children to schools. Teacher Rupali Sengupta said that it is difficult for parents and teachers to supervise a 10-year-old child in the classroom. Corona has influenced studies so they have to send their children for better understanding in offline study in class. He also said that the children are happy to come back to school. Teacher Ravi Tripathi said that it is very important for children to come to school because there is no option to learn and talk through class.

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Similarly, teacher Aarti Sachan said that it is very important for children to study in the classroom. Although online learning has helped the student in completing the syllabus, the new method did not allow practical teaching and face-to-face interaction. Now it will be ensured from 10 February. Anyway, there is not much time in the exam, so extra attention will be needed on young children.




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