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Uproar over Urfi Javed’s new video, users said – wearing nothing, fear Allah

Urfi Javed has shared a video on her Instagram handle in a super sizzling look. Urfi’s look is so bo*ld and revealing this time that many people are trolling her fiercely and telling lies.

Internet sensation aka Javed is a fashion queen and there is no doubt about it. But as creative as Urfi’s looks are, they are also bo*ld. Many times, with the outfits of Urfi being unusual, they are so revealing that the senses of the viewers are blown away. Now the new look of Urfi has also surprised people. Seeing the revealing look of Urfi, many people are raging on her.

Urfi seen in bo*ld look

Urfi Javed has shared a video on her Instagram handle in a super sizzling look. This time Urfi has made a bi*ki*ni top by coloring the sea oysters. The actress is seen flaunting her bi*ki*ni top in a special way. You must be thinking that Urfi wears bi*ki*ni tops often, so what is new this time?

If you have not seen the video of Urfi till now, then watch it. Urfi paired a bi*ki*ni top made of oysters with see-through fabric draped over the legs. That is, the fabric of which Urfi has made the bottom can be seen through it.

Users are furious over Urfi

Urfi’s bottom wear looks nude in a way, on which many people are raging and are blaming Urfi for wearing so many revealing clothes. Surprisingly, a user commented on Urfi’s video – I am not wearing anything today Oh my god. Another user reprimanded her and wrote – Fear of Allah.

A user commented on Urfi’s video – is there anything below or not. Another user wrote while taunting – what is it all to see. Well I’m blind.

Urfi is getting a lot of criticism from people on her revealing look. Many people are venting their anger on her. Now what will be the response of Urfi to this reaction of the people, it will be a matter to be seen.



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