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Urfi Javed dress flew in the air, became a victim of Oops Moment, everything was visible

Urfi Javed is known for her bold style. Here we are going to tell about such a video of Urfi in which the little dress of the actress flew in the air and was not handled by her..

Urfi Javed Oops Moment: Urfi Javed keeps trying to make her every look more unique and bold than the previous look and in this affair, her bol*dness sometimes overshadows her. A video of Urfi is becoming quite viral on social media, in which a little dress of the actress flew in the air in such a way that she could not handle it. This oops moment of Urfi has gone viral very fast. Let’s take a look at this video and see what dress Urfi was wearing in this video..

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When boldness weighed heavily on Urfi

In the video we are talking about, Urfi Javed has prepared a dress by sewing small pieces of clothes or rather, patches of clothes together. This noodle-strap white dress has a slit at the front which is way too long and due to that even Urfi’s underwear is visible.

This little dress blown in the air that I could not handle…

In the video, Urfi is seen posing in front of the media and suddenly she stumbled on the stairs. The wind was also very strong and then when Urfi’s foot also slipped, her dress flew in such a way that it was not handled by Urfi. This video of Urfi is being seen a lot on social media and is also being shared. Urfi is also seen asking in the video whether there has been anything wrong with her team.

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