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Urfi Javed earns this amount by doing small clothes and brand promotion, know here

Urfi Javed: Bollywood’s famous actress Urfi Javed rules social media. Her pictures and videos remain the subject of discussion. Urfi Javed has become an internet sensation, everyone knows her because of her strange and awkward clothes. Urfi Javed is not interested in any identity today, Urfi Javed, the famous actress who made an identity through Bigg Boss OTT, remains a topic of discussion every other day. Internet sensation Urfi Javed is very hot and bo*ld to look at, everyone talks about Urfi Javed due to her strange and strange costumes, and every time she surprises everyone with her looks. But do you know that these little ones Urfi earns crores of rupees from small clothes and brand promotion.

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According to the report of the web site Bollywoodlife, Urfi Javed charges around 25 thousand to 35 thousand rupees for an episode of television show. Urfi Javed’s total income for a month is around Rs 1.8 crore to Rs 22 crore. This includes brand promotion, advertising, acting and modeling.

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Active on social media, Javed keeps sharing some or the other pictures and videos, her photos get a lot of likes and comments, she has a lot of recognition on Instagram. Seeing her cool look, everyone is eyeing her, actors planting their perfect figure are dominated on the internet, many likes and comments are coming on this video.



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