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Urfi Javed got trolled about clothes, gave such an answer, stopped talking

Urfi has said that I should put clothes on the pan or take them out of the fridge and wear clothes. My wish. Hot and cold my choice.

Urfi Javed is getting trolled a lot due to her dressing style. Their unusual clothes are beyond the comprehension of the people, due to which people have to listen. But Urfi does not hold back from giving a befitting reply to the trollers. Recently, Urfi wore a very short crop top, its video became very viral on social media.

Users made fun of this top of Urfi. A user had asked the actress, “Why do you wear such hot clothes? I want an answer from you.” To answer this, Urfi has made a video. In which Urfi is seen saying, “I should bake clothes on the pan or wear clothes after taking them out of the fridge. My wish. Hot and cold my choice.”

This video has been shared by Instant Bollywood on its Instagram page. Comments of trollers have also rained on this video. Preet Gill wrote, “If it doesn’t matter, don’t speak, be cool.” Saquib Rangrez wrote, “Hot? Oh torn.” A user named Queen Love wrote, “Your wish is so dirty?”

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Let us tell you that even if people do not like Urfi’s strange dressing sense. But it is enough to attract attention. Urfi comes with a different avatar every day. What people cannot imagine, she wears it and walks around with confidence. Many people also like this style of her. Urfi’s latest video is going viral in which she has put countless pins in her hair.

Urfi sometimes wears an aluminum file, sometimes a chain, sometimes a photo dress. Recently, Urfi wore a mesh dress made of safety pins. This dress was completely through, inside which she was wearing a two piece of black color. Seeing this dress of hers, people even told her to the mantle. Wagh Sarthak wrote, “Fishing dress.” Inter stellar wrote, “Does the drunk design the dress?”

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Seeing their dresses, people’s heads are baffled and they ask who is the designer after all? Although Urfi says that she herself designs her dress. After knowing which people say that from where do they bring such ideas?



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