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Urfi Javed had gone to such an extent for some money, now regrets it

Surprising everyone with the dressing sense, Urfi Javed has disclosed related to personal life in a recent interview. Urfi told to what extent she had gone because of the need of money.

New Delhi: Urfi Javed has made a place in the fashion industry with his fashion sense in a very short time. The special thing is that Urfi’s dressage is not designed by anyone but Urfi herself and she also sews them. As much as Urfi lives in the limelight because of her dressing sense, as much as for her personal life. Recently, Urfi told in an interview that to what extent he had to go to earn 2500 rupees.

Went to college only 6 months

In the interview given to MissMalini, Urfi Javed made many revelations about his personal life. Urfi Javed told that she has studied till class 12th and went to college for only 6 months after school. In this too, she kept going several times for auditions by bunking the college.

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2500 was the first earning

In the interview, Urfi Javed said that money was so tight that she agreed to do any kind of small role. Talking about his first earnings, Urfi Javed said- ‘I had gone to audition for the lead role but the makers offered me one day’s role. The makers told him that there would be a boy in the scene. You have to climb on it. It is a bit surprising to hear but the money was needed so much that I took that offer and worked. I regret at times how many small roles I have acted for money.

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Such a caption written wearing a sari

Earlier, Urfi Javed shared a video on social media. In this video, Urfi was seen wearing a sari. A song was playing in the background of the video that Urfi shared. The lyrics of this song are- ‘What is behind the choli.’ Although in this video of Urfi, the middle line of the song was heard. That line is – ‘Begum Bina Badshah Kis Kaam Ka’. While sharing this video, Urfi wrote in the caption – ‘Badshah Bina Begum did big work’.

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