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Urfi Javed is in a relationship with this Hollywood star, the head will be shocked to hear the name!

‘Bigg Boss OTT’ fame Urfi Javed recently held an Ask Me session on Instagram account. During this, she has made such a disclosure about her boyfriend, knowing that her fans were blown away.

New Delhi: Urfi Javed remains in the discussion for some reason or the other. She keeps on setting social media on fire with her fashion sense. Urfi’s fans like her dressing style very much, so there are many people who do not like her clothes at all. Often on social media, fans have asked Urfi Javed about her boyfriend, but she has always given equivocal answers, but now she has revealed the name of her boyfriend.

Boyfriend’s name revealed

Actually, Urfi Javed recently held an Ask Me session on Instagram. During this, Urfi answered many questions of her fans. Urfi gave such an answer to a question that shocked her fans too. A user asked Urfi, who is your boyfriend? In response, Urfi Javed wrote, Chris Evans, if anyone knows, tell them, call your girlfriend.’ However, Urfi has said this in a joking manner. It is known that Chris Evans plays the character of ‘Captain America’ in Marvel’s films.

Fan wants to file complaint

During the session a fan said, you are very cute and lovely and because of this I want to file a complaint against you. To this Urfi Javed replied, I was scared for a few seconds, but now I understand. Another fan said to Urfi, you are so cute that I feel like taking it away. Urfi gave a very funny answer to this. She wrote, Hey, I am a fallen coin, which you will pick up and take it away. Well thanks.

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Urfi Javed survived while falling

Recently, a video of Urfi Javed went viral in which it can be seen that she is seen falling down. In the video, Urfi is wearing an off-shoulder one piece dress and she is trying to give her hair a fluttering pose. With a touchup powder in one hand and a makeup brush in the other, Urfi suddenly stumbles. She saves herself from falling but she laughs, after which the cameraman also laughs. This video of Urfi is quite funny. While sharing this video, Urfi Javed wrote, What do you call a survivor who falls? Any Idea? Fans’ comments on this video are attracting people’s attention. People are calling her ‘Balancewari’ and some are calling her ‘PK’.



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