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Urfi Javed opened black secrets of this big Bollywood director, said: Nu**de video call with girls ..

As you know that in Maya city, many girls dream of becoming an actress and many of these dreams come true, many girls also have to face things like casting couch, the same social media sensation aka Javed It has happened once with A.D. when a casting director had asked her for se**xual favors in return for working in a music video, but like other girls, Urfi Javed has not kept quiet and she exposed the director’s dark truth in front of the world. !

In fact, Urfi Javed has asked the casting director named Obed Afridi to spend the night with her instead of casting her and many innocent girls who dream of becoming an actress like her in the video song, while Urfi Javed with Afridi Hui has also shared many screen shots of her chats! The same Urfi Javed has been exposing Afridi’s antics to the world for the past 2 to 3 days, while in this conversation, Urfi is seen talking to casting director Urfi Javed to fulfill her se**xual needs in exchange for music videos. Was told to compromise instead of giving work to Javed!

In such a situation, as soon as Urfi Javed put the truth of the director’s antics in front of the world, other girls like her also came to the fore and they also shared the director’s chat on their Instagram story, which has also been shared by Urfi Javed and that casting The director has also been reprimanded for misbehaving with so many girls, while in girls’ chats, the casting director has also been seen demanding nu**de video calls instead of giving them work and sharing a se**xual relationship with them. Did it too!

On the other hand, Afridi has denied all the things being said about himself, she has also denied the things said by Urfi Javed by sharing the story on Instagram like every day, she says that people forget by getting the work done. And charge!

In such a situation, Urfi Javed also shared a post on her story, in which casting director Afridi reprimanded and writes that I have worked with many people, if we could work well, then why would I talk to you like this money I have proof where she masturbated in front of young girls and after all this told them it was a meeting!

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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