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Urfi Javed shared bo*ld pictures wearing bridal clothes, people said – honeymoon nighty

Urfi Javed Becomes Bo*ld Bride: Actress Urfi Javed is once again in the limelight for her bo*ld fashion sense. This time after seeing the pictures of Urfi that have come out, it is being speculated that Urfi has got a life partner and she is planning a white wedding.

Known for her bo*ld fashion sense, Urfi has teased the fans with her bridal look. After seeing the pictures that surfaced, the eyes of the fans are not taking the name of moving away for a while.

This is not the latest but an old photoshoot of Urfi Javed, who became the White Bride, whose pictures have now surfaced. In the pictures, Urfi is looking like an angel.

However, on social media, Urfi is also being trolled a lot for this white bridal look. Some people say that Urfi has crossed all limits of bo*ldness even during this time.

During this, Urfi is wearing a deep neck strappy satin gown, seeing that social media users are trolling her and saying that it is not a bridal look but a honeymoon look.

Urfi Javed remains in the most headlines for her stylish, glamorous and unique look. Along with this, Urfi Javed is also seen doing more than one interesting experiment with her looks every day.

Urfi sees only dress in everything. From safety pins to candy floss and animal shells to sacks and photographs, Urfi is famous for sticking anything on the body and giving it the name of the dress.

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She is known only because of Urfi’s fashion sense. Along with this, Urfi also never forgets to do something new for her fans every day. If you look at Urfi’s Instagram, then the whole is full of her bo*ld looks more than one.

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